Asset Recovery Center: Some Things To Consider During Asset Recovery

A lot of companies tend to charge their IT departments to look for more effective ways to cut down operation cost and increase their department’s efficiency. While there are a lot of ways they can cut down costs, one very important aspect of cutting down cost that is always overlooked or ignored is IT Asset Management. Since it is definitely more exciting to purchase new equipment than to determine what the old ones can be used for, a lot of people tend to miss this potential source of revenue.

Asset recovery tends to return some revenue back into your budget and provide you with the flexibility of where to spend your budget, if it is on a new project, to upgrade your equipment, or to just give your budget more cushion. Nevertheless, it is very important you have an organized and well-managed asset recovery center in order to stay away from potential risk like a breach of data, while still enjoying the additional revenue.


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We provide asset recovery service; we are here to relief your staff of the unnecessary burden and distraction of the surplus inventory and assets in your company that is no longer in use. In order to create a recovery plan that is well-defined, here are some things an organization needs to put into consideration.

Data Security

When you are searching for an asset recovery center, ensure that you adhere to all the compliance certification for your company. Whether you need to ensure NIST, PCI, HIPAA, or some other compliance, you have to ensure your data is secured and protected. Also, make sure that the asset recovery solution you have in mind to take care of your IT asset management meets the standards of NIST data wipe. Also, ensure that your data sanitization and erasure provider give you an erasure certificate to confirm that your drives are swiped and safe. When you use our services, rest assured that you have no security issues as we also have some security regulations we work with.

Risk, Cost, and Increasing Your Return on Investment

Another very important thing you need to put into consideration when looking for an asset recovery center is the risk, cost, and how to increase your return on investment on your assets. Storing a lot of equipment that is no longer in use in a warehouse or in an office does not provide your company with any value, rather, it is just occupying a whole lot of space that could be used for other things. So once you’ve made up your mind on getting rid of that equipment, you can reach out to us and get better ROI on your assets. We are going to be responsible for the packaging and shipping of these assets.

Recycling and Green Policy

One other viable option for asset management is to recycle all your equipment that you no longer use. But you have to make sure you wipe every data on any equipment that has some confidential data before you recycle it. So whatever IT asset management service you want, we are always available for you.

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