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There's no good reason to live with an outdated kitchen, if you don't want to. Focil Construction does wonderful things with Thousand Oaks kitchen remodeling. We can create a brand-new kitchen, or we can improve the cooking room that you already own.

It all starts with an idea

Before you call on us for Thousand Oaks kitchen remodeling, get your ideas together. Browse design magazines, and save pages that you particularly like. When you see a kitchen that tickles your fancy, ask the chef to tell you the name and brand of the paint color. Save your clippings, paint swatches and other design clues in a folder. Add to it as you come across inspiration. When we get together to discuss your remodel, we can find ways to incorporate your ideas into your new kitchen design plan.

A kitchen remodel can make your life easier

Do you ever stop to think about how much time you spend cleaning the rim around your kitchen sink or the space between your stove and countertops? These are just some of the catch-all dirt areas that can be remedied with first-class Thousand Oaks kitchen remodeling. Focil Construction can install an under-mount or flush-mount sink that takes far less effort to clean than a typical sink. Consider having us install a matte finish counter top, too. It will make after-dinner clean up so much simpler.

Consider color

If your kitchen is on the small side, think about lightening things up -and expanding the apparent size of your kitchen- when you opt to paint walls a paler shade. Natural light can make your room look bigger, too, advises Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

What's worth the splurge?

No matter how you look at it, a kitchen remodel is an investment. Whether or not that investment will pay off depends on several factors. Experts at This Old House explain a few of their favorite kitchen upgrades:

A second sink installed outside the primary food prep and clean-up area  --This feature is worth the investment because it provides room for a bartender or second chef to work and tidy up before and after meals. A secondary sink also allows guests and kitchen helpers to wash their hands without disturbing the workflow of the kitchen.

Decorative cabinet panels provide an attractive, custom-built furniture look without the significant expense of mounting brand-new cabinets.

Soft-close drawer glides that fully extend and make it easier (and quieter) to find utensils where and when you need them. Glides can be installed on the sides or underneath to provide access to the entire drawer. You'll get more usable space and eliminate drawer slamming, too.

If you're inspired to remodel your kitchen, please contact Focil Construction without delay. Let's chat about your dream kitchen and how we can help you to achieve the look that you love. Of course, we can provide references about our Thousand Oaks kitchen remodeling services.


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