Kelowna Dumpster Rentals for Homeowners

At Dumpstars, we understand how important it is to recycle and divert materials from the landfill. With this in mind, we always recycle waste materials whenever possible. We also believe in ethical disposal methods where ensure that the materials that our dumpsters collect are dealt with in an environmentally and responsible way. Call us today and find out about our dumpster rental specials for home owners today. 778-797-9393

These bins are used primarily for heavy materials.

These bins are often very heavy and are typically the heaviest dumpsters that we carry.

Soil & Sod WasteConcrete RecyclingJunk RemovalTrash Removal
Dirt RemovalCement RemovalJunk DisposalTrash Disposal
Top Soil RecyclingBlacktop DisposalJunk RecyclingGarbage Removal
Fill DisposalAsphalt DisposalJunk HaulingGarbage Recycling


These bins are often used for weekend renovation projects, new home construction and other garbage removal projects.

Junk Removal BinConstruction Waste BinFence RemovalBasement De-Cluttering
Junk Disposal BinConstruction Trash BinDeck DemolitionRubbish Removal Bins
Trash Recycling BinRenovation Garbage BinGarage Clean-OutsOld Furniture Waste
Garbage BinRenovations Disposal BinOld Shed removalWood Recycling Bins


These versatile bins are great for construction waste, renovations and junk removal projects.

New Construction WasteWaste DumpsterAttic Cleaning BinsCommercial Garbage Dumpster
Renovations Waste BinsGarbage DumpsterJunk Cleaning BinsIndustrial Garbage Dumpster
Multi Family ConstructionTrash DumpsterCrawl Space CleaningResidential Junk Dumpster
Estate Cleaning BinsJunk DumpsterMoving Junk DisposalStrata Garbage Dumpsters


10 Yard Bins: Dirt Removal & Concrete Recycling

If you are planning on building a new garden or getting rid of old dirt and replacing it with fertile and rich top soil, then our dirt recycling bins are perfect for you. We also haul concrete or asphalt in these disposal bins for a fixed fee with all tipping costs included. Call today to find out about our ten-yard aggregate recycling bins.


20  Yard Bins: Junk Removal Bins

If you are looking for an alternative to those expensive 1-800 Junk Companies, then our 20 yard bins are perfect for your project. They fits tons of materials


30 Yard Bins: Construction Waste Dumpsters

If you are a contractor or renovator, then our construction waste bins for rent are a great option. We can leave them on your site for a week or more and dump and return as needed. Don't be stuck taking the construction garbage to the dump yourself, rent one of our waste bins instead!


Junk Removal Bins

Our bin rentals service is a perfect alternative to junk removal. The process is simple, call our junk disposal hotline and speak with a removal expert who will help you decide what size junk bin is right for you. Next, you pick a date and time to drop off the bin. You then get up to a week to load your junk, trash, rubbish and household waste into the bin. Simply call us and let us know your bin is ready for pick up. We will come and remove the rubbish bin and take the materials to the recycling facility or transfer station. Call 778-797-9393 today.


Disposal Bin Services

Are you looking for an easy way to get rid of unwanted household waste, basement junk, garage trash and other clutter from your home? We have a simple solution for you. It starts with a call to our disposal bin hotline where you can work with our bin rentals team to choose the perfect bin for your clean up. Next, we work together to pick a date and time to drop off the bin. Don't worry, you dont have to be home when we deliver the container. A few instructions and a description of where you want the garbage receptable placed is great. You then get up to a week to load the bin at your convenience. If you need a dump and return, no problem we can do that. Simply give us a call today at 778-797-9393 and ask for Chris.


Cheap Rubbish Removal

We actually don't believe that there is ever cheap rubbish removal in Kelowna, BC. Our experience and understanding from talking with clients over the last twelve years is simple. Rubbish Removal is very expensive and often leaves the homeowner scrambling to get rid of materials that were missed when the junk removal crew was on site. Instead, of calling the 1-800 guys and paying through the nose for sub par service, why not rent a junk bin instead? It can stay on your property up to a week and you can load it carefully and properly at your convenience. Renting a rubbish disposal bin is the only way to truly get rid of your household rubbish effectively. Please call us today 778-797-9393.


Commercial Waste Bins

When your business creates waste as a regular day to day operations, trust our commercial waste bins rental services. We have several sizes available and offer invoicing ( OAC ) and emailed receipts. We also make a commitment to ethical waste solutions and recycling and diverting as much garbage as possible from the landfill. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how hiring Dumpstars can benefit your commercial enterprise today.


Residential Dumpster Rentals

In West Kelowna, we offer residential dumpster rentals for a variety of projects. If you are cleaning out some garbage from your attic, junk from your basement or construction materials from a renovation project like tearing down and replacing an old fence, deck or shed. Call us at 778-797-9393 and get your dumpster dropped off with free delivery today.


Garbage Bin Rentals for Non-Profits & Charities

At Dumpstars, we pride ourselves on ethical disposal methods that focus on reducing our carbon footprint, diverting garbage from the landfill and recycling as much as possible. We often find ways to source separate materials and recycle cardboard, wood and metal from our commercial bin rentals. If you are a non profit, church or charity, we offer invoicing and flexible drop off and pick up services to meet the demands of your afterhours charity event or labor is available to work. We understand how many components go into a successful project for you and work with you at every step of the way to ease the burden when we can. Please call and ask to speak to Chris the next time you need a garbage waste bin in Kelowna, British Columbia.